Answer one question of your choice in a thoughtful paragraph. Remember to explain your reasoning and feel free to use quotes from the slides, me, or the book. BE DETAILED AND BASE YOUR ANSWER ON THE MATERIAL. Your answer AND a response to one of your classmates (you can certainly respond to a classmate that answered a different question) must be posted by 11:59pm of the due date. You can look at the grading rubric for DQs by clicking the gear icon (upper right) and then click “Show Rubric”.

Sociology emphasizes that individual lives are shaped by social processes. Discuss how individual actions can be constrained by external circumstances, supporting your answer with information about trends in such aspects as gender, sex, sexuality, race, religion, the economy, and politics.
Pick one problem that you had previously thought of as strictly related to individual actions and use your sociological imagination to explain it otherwise.
Why is it important to see the social connections behind our everyday lives?
How does C. Wright Mills relate his concept of "troubles" and "issues" to various social problems such as unemployment?
Peter Berger talks about ways in which sociology "looks behind" the facades of social structures. Give several examples from his discussion of how sociology does this.