This privacy policy explains the information categories we gather from members our services and website. It also lays down how specific information is disclosed, and the appropriate occasions where such an event unravels. 


Seeing as we value your membership and patronage highly, we took it upon ourselves to briefly highlight the several ways we use the information you trust us with. We thereby implore all our users to set aside time and review this Privacy Policy in its entirety. 

Typically, these are the two information categories we collect from you; 

  • Information willingly contributed and personally identifying you (e.g., phone number, full name)
  • Information which does not identify you personally (e.g., browser type, IP address) 

The information provided herein is held, processed, and transferred by our staff in the U.S.A 

This information will be used to accord you access to our website and the various services on offer. It is also used to produce pertinent information while producing data and reports regarding online shopping; 

Occasionally, we may share your information with authorized third parties including promotional and advertising partners, third party service providers, and our merchants due to these intended purposes; 

Because of our mutual working relationship, there is use of “cookies", advertising networks are allowed to collect information anonymously from your person and to prompt you with their ads while also using this information to send our ads (go through section III below); 

Section VI below explains how you can easily opt out of certain activities; 

We rely on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software to keep your information safe since your privacy remains our top-most priority as a company; 

By registering with us, you are fully within your rights to revise or update the personal information previously provided in the account section; 

Should you have any concerns or questions regarding privacy issues at, kindly contact us. 

The services offered on our website are not intended for use or developed for users aged 13 years and below; 

From time to time, we may choose to revise this Privacy Policy as we deem necessary, leaving it up to the users to reread it regularly in their best interests. We will, however, notify you of any changes to our Privacy Policy through email. 


There are two sets of information we will seek from you; (a) Personally Identifiable Information ("PII”); and (b) on-personally Identifiable Information (“Non-PII”).

Personally Identifiable Information: PII is inclusive of all information identifying your person. Your PII is gathered by us once you decide to register with us or to follow your participation in the interactive features of our site, for instance, reviews, promotion, or surveys. You may provide your phone number, credit card number, email address, mailing address, or name in regards to any contest entry or when registering with us;

when taking part in a poll or survey, provide certain demographic location defining you like preferences, shopping interests, genders, age, etc.; or post a general recommendation and/or comment on our site

Non-Personally Identifiable Information: As you visit our site, our systems will automatically accumulate a certain information regarding access such as IP addresses. These are related to your operating system, the third-party website, ISP, and your browser and are sourced from the site where your initial visit originated, and how regularly you visit too.


Our efforts to consistently improve client relations and services see us value the crucial role played by the client’s PII and Non-PII in fulfillment of requests, the response to inquiries and offering you better service in general; your needs must be well understood too. Depending on the circumstances under which you provided the information, we will use the in naturally associated ways.

We are at liberty to decide whether to disclose PII and Non-PII to:        

  • Third-party services with whom we deliver merchandise, process credit card orders, and manage data besides hosting, etc.;
  • The parent company, affiliated companies (“affiliated companies”) and subsidiaries for promotional, marketing, and operational purposes;
  • Companies we do co-promotional partnering with as well as those we share marketing and other relationships with;
  • Consequently, the analysis of site traffic is done using non-PII, helping us comprehend customer trends and requests, kicking off targeted promotional activities (view “Preference Based Advertising” below).


Here at, we are relentlessly working to secure all your private information as it is transmitted through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which duly encrypts all provided information. In addition, we rely on a dependable and secure hosting located in the U.S, controlled access, encryption technology, and firewall protection to secure data. Kindly note that while we aspire to secure your PII, we cannot warrant or guarantee the safety of any of the information you transmit to us or disclose online and won’t take any responsibility for inadvertent disclosure, destruction, or theft. In the case of a regrettable event where this information is compromised, we will alert you promptly via email at the last provided mailing address given to us by you as soon as we can do feasibly under these circumstances (as we try and assess the level of breach, a notification may take slightly longer as we follow through with steps and restoring reasonable integrity and legitimacy to the situation; if the notification would call for criminal investigations, we advise you follow up with law enforcement as such.)


Once you become a member of, you will have unlimited access to the account section that is inclusive of registration information provided previously, and it may be updated and revised at any time. Should there be any inaccurate information that cannot be rectified easily, kindly get in touch with us immediately. If you deem it fit, you can get rid of your membership account entirely, but at the same time, certain information may be saved in limited circumstances, for example, enforcing our Terms of Use, troubleshoot problems, and resolving disputes. Also, some of the information you have given will not be entirely deleted from the databases under our control owing to technicalities (e.g., data secured in “back-up” systems) and several legal constraints.

The way we use your information is entirely up to you in several ways, including email distributions or sign out, contact us; opt out of getting marketing information of ay nature from us. You can optionally change personal account or other information.

Should you have any concerns, issues, or questions about the Privacy Policy at, kindly contact us today.


Our services and site are strictly not suitable for users aged 13 years and under. They are thus prohibited at all times from sending us PII. If you are between 13 and 18 years old, your use of must be with the consent or involvement of a guardian or parent.


When we change our business practices and thereby see it necessary to change the Privacy Policy, we shall duly notify you of such changes upon posting the new policy through your primary email address.


Our Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy, both as having been published on the website and through service, have all material terms about our services and websites. There is no modification, restatement, or summary thereof, or policy or other privacy statements, of any form, shall remain valid unless published otherwise on the services and websites.                       

Last Updated: Mon 4th Dec 2017