Frequently Asked Questions

There are short order forms on every page. Simply fill the short order form, we will then automatically create an account for you and prompt you to set a password that you can easily remember. From there, you will proceed to fill in the order details.

Once you complete payment and your order is set to 'Inprogress', a files upload form will appear which you can use to upload any files. In case you have any problems, feel free to contact one of our support representatives.

All our writers have access to the vast online libraries and are fully capable of conducting research on your behalf. All the same, if you are able to, kindly upload all helpful material you might have and it helps make instructions clearer and lead to a shorter delivery time. Little time is spent in research and more on customizing the paper.

Very much so. The status of your order is consistently updated in your personal profile in our website. You can also get in touch with our dedicated Support staff through several ways to have them monitor the progress and update you. Feel free to call our Support staff or use the Live Chat to keep abreast of the latest developments in your order. We shall address all your concerns in the shortest time possible.

As long as this has been alluded to in the description, you are free to request for a draft from the writer. You can also use tour live chat system to request for the same. By informing our Support, we will ensure that you receive it in good time.

All our submissions on deadlines are realistic and guided by the prevailing facts. The time we take to deliver depends on the complexity of your instructions, the urgency of the paper, and the writer’s level. From experience, we can ascertain that most orders can be completed within 24 hours. All the same, we advise you to place the order at the earliest time possible, this gives our writer enough time to conduct thorough research. In the even where we can’t meet the deadline, we will call you personally to discuss the order. We take all necessary steps to see the quality completion of each order.

Upon the placement of your order, you can log into your personal profile in our website from where you can download the completed order. Alternatively, you can request support to have the order emailed directly to you. Once the order is done, we sent you an email informing you of that. If you have provided your phone number, we may call you or send you a message informing you that your order is ready.

We work diligently to meet and surpass your requirements and expectations. We therefore allow you to make such amends free of charge, so long as they won’t go against the original instructions.

Under our employment rooster, we have experienced professors, teachers, and writers who are vetted thoroughly before joining this ambitious team. We consistently monitor their performance to ensure the quality of work remains high. The Quality Assurance Department takes charge of this monitoring.

Currently, we have more than two hundred researchers, editors, and writers. With most of them being Master’s degree holders, they are well versed with tackling challenging tasks in various fields. Our employees then rely on the selection mode to pick which orders suit their abilities most. We will only approve the order for writing once we are certain of the writer’s prowess and diligence. We can therefore guarantee that all orders are handles by writers who are passionate and knowledgeable in the respective fields.

To offer you the best writing service, we are consistently updating our systems to give you a lot of control. You can freely interact with the writer handling your order, track the status of your order, and pass any extra information you might have 24/7. When your order is assigned to a writer, channels of communication are open for instance the unique messaging system. This is among the interactive features we have, complemented by our diligent Support staff. Exchanging of resources and tracking the order and other relevant data is possible.

With more than two hundred researchers, editors, and writers, our personnel are well versed in all academic fields. We are capable of handling the most unique and difficult essays. These professional writers have gained years of proficient writing experience, delivering outstanding works across all fields. We have all the experience you would require, regardless of your academic level.

As we commit to excellence and quality, so do we to ensuring that all time stipulations are met. We continually aspire to provide our clients with the best services. All order will be tailored to meet your expectations, and within the agreed deadline. Kindly ensure that the order, requirements, ad instructions are correctly placed to enable the writer deliver in the agreed time, and in the highest quality.

We rely in the most technologically advanced plagiarism software to assess the authenticity of every order. All your assignments and academic papers will thus be 100% original. We strictly practice a zero-tolerance policy in matter plagiarism. Should a writer get caught violating these terms, they will be terminated immediately.

Going by our philosophy, we seek to comprehend the needs of individual clients and surpass their expectations. Most of the writers under our rooster are either former or current teachers or professors, with hands on experience. They not only understand the order dynamics but also your academic standpoint. They will be assigned only to topics they are familiar and well experienced in. we guarantee your satisfaction every step of the way.

We are committed to ensuring that you are served to your utmost satisfaction and that all your requirements are met. Our diligent staff is on the clock 24/7 to assist with any amendments you might require. If your paper is not well done, feel free to ask for a revision which will be free of charge. Within 14 days of placing your order, you can request for a revision as many a number of times until you are satisfied. There is a revision instructions box which is easy to fill while demanding for more proficiency. This is as long the initial requirements are corresponded to and Terms and Conditions aren’t violated.

Our top most priorities are client safety and security. We don’t engage in malicious practices of selling your contact information done by other companies. We fully guarantee your peace of mind, with the knowledge that your personal information will never be sold. Under no circumstances shall these details be revealed.